VENTRAL DOOR ASSY. - 5918970-47

Aircraft Type Douglas/Boeing DC9/MD80
Reference Number 5918970-47
Magee Product Number 234-10005-( )
Effective Date May 15 2006
Magee produces its DC9/MD80 door liners in both an OEM and a Magee redesigned version. The Magee redesign eliminates the need for most machine screws used to mount the current door system, greatly reducing labor costs and possible delays or cancellations during departures. The redesigned doors can be accessed individually, making maintenance easier and reducing damage to surrounding or overlapping panels. Magee produces panels, handles, and escape slides surround panels for entry door and service areas from Tedlar-covered CPVC material that meets the OSU 65/65/200 and NBS smoke requirements. The OEM type components are direct replacements to the current parts on the aircraft and currently meet the latest service bulletin requirements. Magee supplies most major airlines and distributors with these DC-9/MD80 components.

These Magee products represent substantial price savings in spare replacements for individual panels versus larger DAC panel system. Slide bustles are produced from advanced thermoset materials, which resist dents better than aluminum. A continuous hinge on the slide bustles along the top edge eliminates departure delays and cancellations due to the cover malfunction. A new center bracket accepts advanced lanyard assemblies, and a new closed loop end girt bar brackets reduces inadvertent slide deployments. Most major DC-9 and MD80 operators have converted their entire fleets to the Magee door system.

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