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    Product Details

Magee Plastics is a full service FAA 14 CFR 145 repair station offering high quality, low cost repair solutions for our Airline and MRO customers. With over 40 years of repair service experience, Magee Plastics provides the highest quality workmanship over a wide variety of products including sidewall panels, bin doors, ceiling panels, spacer panels and carpet risers.  Magee Plastics also manufactures most components commonly replaced or repaired during full refurbishment, including shades, panes, window reveals and retainers, resulting in seamless return-to-service and achievement of expeditious turn times.

Magee Plastics continues to develop and expand our repair capabilities, working in conjunction with our customers to identify their interior repair needs. Our machining and manufacturing capabilities allow repair to many parts not typically thought able to be repaired, providing our customers substantial savings and value as compared to the cost of new.

Window Reveal Assembly

  • Reference Number: 411T1210-15
  • Magee Product Number: R411T1210-15
  • Effective Date: Thursday, 27 April 2017
  • Aircraft Type: 767
Magee has manufactured window components for over 50 years and is the industry leader in supplying window components to OEMs and airlines worldwide. Magee utilizes FAA-approved materials to meet the demanding needs of the airline industry with value, quality, functionality, durability and innovation. Our manufacturing process starts with the most advanced materials and produces ready-to-install shades in a variety of self-coil and rigid styles that meet or exceed rigid OEM aircraft specifications, along with full window cartridge assemblies for most commercial aircraft currently in service.

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